New Puppy Cam Alert! Warrior Canine Connection has a New Litter!

The Warrior Canine Connection is celebrating the arrival of a new litter of puppies that will grow up to be service dogs for veterans. (they are still being born at the time of this post)   This is mom Rhonda.

Be sure to check out  for puppy cam footage soon!  And kiss your productivity goodbye!

Rhonda’s Litter – Nursery Cam (Puppies!)  – Click HERE!


New Golden Retriever Puppy Cam!

Another new live web cam is available for your viewing pleasure on   This litter of 8 from golden retrievers (and therapy dogs) Captiva and Blip was born yesterday and will be completing the ECAD certification program and go on to assist injured war veterans.


Thanks again to for the amazing web cam!

[ustream id=14294647 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]

Live streaming video by Ustream

Golden Retriever Puppy Cam Alert!

A litter of puppies was born at Spirit Golden Retrievers in Springboro, Ohio on May 26, 2013.  There were 11 puppies – six boys and five girls. Thanks to The Pet Collective, you can check them out on live stream anytime!


These puppies are all spoken for, but how exciting for their new humans to be able to watch them grow! Sometimes technology can be a good thing. Limited time only!  Puppies scheduled to leave “the nest” on or around July 17th.

Puppy Bowl Live Webcam is here!

Animal Planet has set up a webcam in the locker room where we can see the athletes preparing for the big game.


Awesome!  Puppy Power!

[ustream id=13027422 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]

Golden Retriever Puppy Cam Alert!!

Is there anything more therapeutic than watching a litter of golden retriever puppies??  Thanks to The Pet Collective, we have a live feed via YouTube of an adorable bunch of cuteness!

Click here for the puppy cam!

You’re welcome…

Jimmy Fallon Brings New Golden Retriever Puppy to “Live With Kelly and Michael”

I just cant get enough of Jimmy Fallon and his new puppy “Gary”  The Fallon made an appearance on Live! With Kelly and Micheal on September 25th and couldn’t be without his new best friend “Gary” a female golden retriever puppy.  Jimmy seems to really love his new best friend, as he has been tweeting about her, and even gave her a shoutout at the Emmys.  She is simply adorable, and has been all the talk in the celebrity pet world.   Here are some photos..

photo6 Jimmy Fallon Photos on LIVE With Kelly and Michael!

photo31 Jimmy Fallon Photos on LIVE With Kelly and Michael!

photo22 Jimmy Fallon Photos on LIVE With Kelly and Michael!

Here’s a picture that @LiveKellyandMichael tweeted!