Artist Tom Mosser Reveals Next Golden Retriever Painting

A follow up to “A Golden Retriever At the Museum” was revealed yesterday by artist Tom Mosser.  He has created a new masterpiece entitled “Sharing the Love:  A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever At The Museum”


“A Golden Retriever and A Labrador Retriever at the Museum” – Tom Mosser

Norma is a female Labrador Retriever, and a friend of Lucas.

Mosser tells WTAE Pittsburg: “It is so simple. A dog and a ball. Simple things in life have the most resonance.”

Mosser revealed the painting at the Animal Rescue League shelter in  Pittsburgh. T-Shirts of the first painting in the “Lucas” series were sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to the shelter.  (I really want a T-shirt!!)

There are currently 100 prints available.  Email for details.

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Golden Retrievers at Crufts 2013

Golden Retrievers were out in full force this past weekend in Birmingham, England for Crufts, the worlds’ oldest and largest dog show.

The Golden Retriever was the 7th most popular breed in the UK in 2012.  The Labrador Retriever takes first place there too, along with Canada and the U.S.

Photo credit: Rosie Hallam / Getty Images

Golden Retrievers at Crufts, 2013 (Photo by Rosie Hallam/Getty Images)

UK’s Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds – 1Pedigree

At least at Crufts, The Labrador Retriever has taken the Best in Show title, where as, at Westminster, the golden retriever has not.  Bramshaw Bob, the Labrador Retriever owned by Countess Lorna Howe won back to back titles in 1932 and 1933. (Information from Wikipedia)


Bramshaw Bob –

The Golden Retriever competes under “The Gun Dog” category at Crufts, and this year Best of Breed was won by Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane ShCM “Callie” owned by Anne Falconer, of Walton-At-Stone.

Anne Falconer and "Callie" Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane ShCM - Best of Breed, Crufts 2013

Anne Falconer and “Callie” Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane ShCM – Best of Breed, Crufts 2013

The Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team also made another appearance this year.

Golden retrievers also competed in other events, like obedience.  Team Canada featured golden retriever “Bright” (Rideauview’s Bright Horizons) in the World Cup Obedience competition on March 10, 2013.

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Meet Einstein – A Special Needs Golden Retriever

I came across this little guy on Pinterest.  I have to be honest, the picture blew my mind.  I have never seen this before.  Einstien has hydrocephalus which causes his head to look this way.  I think he looks absolutely adorable.  The writeup below is copied from NOLA Labrador Retriever Rescue. (I feel they say it best, through Einstein’s eyes.  If there is any problem with this, I hope someone lets me know, I’m doing it for Einstein)

“Hi, I’m Einstein. I’m just a pup. That is not a photoshop trick in my picture; that’s really me.I’m a very smart boy I even know the theory of relativity because I feel it every day.E=MC2 therefore there is not enough space in my head for all the fluid my head body creates and it creates energy against my head in the form of contained pressure. Matter can turn into energy. Did you know that?See, I am really smart for such a young guy, right? Yes, I know I have a huge head from having hydrocephalus, but believe it or not my heart is even bigger; overflowing with the love I am now feeling. NOLA Lab Rescue has agreed to foster me. They promised they will help me find the diagnostic care and treatment necessary to cure or contain my condition so I can live long and happy.First I need an MRI to get a good diagnosis and a treatment plan. After that, we will know if I need a shunt put in to drain the cerebrospinal fluid to other areas of my body that can absorb it, or if it can be treated with steriods and other medications so my body stops producing so much of it. I’ll be so glad to know what needs to be done. Up until NOLA said they would help I figured I would just stay like this or get sick because of it.I’m otherwise healthy but starting to have vision problems because of pressure in my head. If I can get that relieved, I will probably see just fine again.My treatment plan is going to be expensive; more doggies bones than I can add up even though I’m pretty smart. I appreciate any help you can offer.I’d love to look normal and have a forever home one day but not many people would adopt me like this. I have to get fixed up. Would you please help NOLA help me?”Hope this sweet boy does okay.  I will do my best to spread the word for his cause.  If you wish to donate, please click here.  Thank you to all who support rescue.  My dream is to be able to do more!

If you are able to donate even a little, please click here.  To keep up to date on Einstien, follow his Facebook page here.

Golden Retriever rates #1 as ultimate date magnet dog

Take it for what it’s worth, but if you’re single and own a golden retriever, you should be parading that animal around like crazy if you’re looking to hook up.  According to Klooff, a new app for pet lovers where you can enter a profile of your pet, the number one breed for landing a hot date is a golden retriever.  Personally, because a golden is such a family oriented pet, I don’t picture too many single people owning one.  Could I be wrong?  After this poll, perhaps that would change!

A male Golden Retriever named Tucker.

A male Golden Retriever named Tucker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are the results from Klooff:

The top dog breeds to attract men were:
5. Beagles
4. Poodles
3. Chihuahuas
2. Labrador Retrievers
1. Golden Retrievers
The top dog breeds to attract women were:
5. French Bulldogs
4. Siberian Huskies
3. Labrador Retrievers
2. Golden Retrievers
1. German Shepherds
And there you have it.  Klooff also stated “Women are over 10 times more likely to see a man who owns a Golden Retriever and 3 times more likely to see a man who owns a German Shepherd as “marriage material” or “boyfriend material,” than a man who owns a Pit Bull.” and also “Men are overwhelmingly more likely to see a woman who owns a Golden Retriever as girlfriend material than a woman who owns a Chihuahua.”