Coco Chan, the corn eating golden retriever from Japan, has died.

If you have ever watched the video of the golden retriever eating corn on the cob that went viral this summer, or the many other videos posted on her YouTube channel than you are familiar with Coco Chan.

She lost her battle to Cancer on September 11, 2014.

CocoChan - Facebook

CocoChan – Facebook

Rest in peace Coco Chan.  You will be fondly remembered around the world.  If you wish to leave condolences on her Facebook page, click here.

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Mimics Siren

This video by Yamato Suzuki from Japan has been going viral this last week.  It is a 30 second MUST WATCH!

Actor Desmond Tan Suffers Bite From Golden Retriever

In Singapore, MediaCorp actor Desmond Tan stopped by a friend’s place on New Years Eve and ended up spending the night in the emergency room. In a telephone interview with XINMSN Tan says:

“I was stroking my friend’s Golden Retriever when it suddenly dashed into my face and attacked my nose.”

Desmond Tan/

Desmond Tan/

The next day, Desmond tweeted:
[tweet align=’center’]

Back in October, Tan posted this tweet, with an Instagram picture of him and a golden retriever.  I wonder if it’s the same one…?

[tweet align=’center’]

So apparently the dog is shy.  Goldens are known to have excellent bite inhibition, and this probably could have been a lot worse.  Hopefully it doesn’t leave a scar!  (and the dog’s issues can be resolved!)  The actor is traveling to Japan in the near future to film a commercial, and will conceal his injury with makeup.

For the full article from click here.

It sounds like Desmond is a dog lover.  He has an English Cocker Spaniel named Hoshi who has him wrapped around his finger!

Desmond Tan and Hoshi/

Desmond Tan and Hoshi/

Celebs and their Pets – Desmond Tan (xinmsn)

Introducing Coco Chan – Japan’s Corn on the Cob Eating Golden Retriever

You may have seen this adorable golden retriever  in the “which cup” video, her most popular by far, but there is so much more to know about this beautiful Golden Retriever who lives out her days in Japan.  They are a country known for spoiling their pets, and Coco is definitely no exception.

Coco has again risen to internet stardom with her corn on the cob eating video.

Coco Chan – Facebook

Coco has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to her cuteness.  You can see her playing hockey, eating vegetables, playing on the slide..the list is endless.  I could watch Coco all day!

For Coco’s birthday, she is being treated to a sushi dinner prepared tableside by her master.  Oh the patience!

Coco you are such a calm, sweet golden retriever.

Here’s Coco checking out a GIANT stag beetle.  <shudder>

Coco is a fan of Takata Akira the company President of the TV shopping program “Japanet” (ジャパネット). Here’s a video of her watching her favorite show.  She just goes crazy when this guy comes on the tube.

Apparently Takata Akira sent Coco a Luis Vuitton dog collar and wrote her a nice letter after seeing the video.

Coco even made the big time.  Here she is on TV (although I am really  not sure what the heck I am seeing!)

Please check out Coco’s YouTube channel or Facebook page to get to know her more!