A (very brief) history of International Golden Retriever Day

International Golden Retriever Day began in 2012 from a fellow golden retriever blogger, Kristen,from Iheartgoldenretrievers.com.  Why wouldn’t there be a day to celebrate the best breed in the world?


Photo: Instagram @house_bears

The Daily Golden got on board the following year and it has since very slowly gained steam.

What country will you be celebrating from?  And what will you be doing to celebrate/spoil your golden(s) !!  Share in the comments!

Happy Golden Retriever Day! Here’s some great golden pictures…

It’s been a busy day celebrating, but in honor of “International Golden Retriever Day” here are some photos from some of my Instagram friends who were generous enough to share photos of their sweet goldens!  Enjoy!  (These photos are in no particular order..)

Artie from @jbzl10x3lzl


This sweet face is from @johnnymanni


Sarah says “What? Today is International Golden Retriever Day?  Isn’t that every day? from @karendj87


Kaci loves the snow! from @mettlermc


and so does Molly! from @jacyosbornmollyLove everything about this photo of Jessie from @runchick jessie

These two boys are from Finland, and their photos are some of my favorites! Benji and Bablo from @hejddi


Pippin and Oatmeal from @goldengoodnessinfinity seem to be having a great time!


Enzo from @goldensdopark is going full out!!

enzo For more great golden photos, follow @TheDailyGolden on Instagram.  Did you do anything special to spoil your golden today?

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Superbowl Sunday with Golden Retrievers Ginger and Buddy

I know I have already posted Golden Video of the Week, but since its International Golden Retriever Day and Superbowl Sunday, I am going to post two!

Here is YouTube sensation Ginger, and Buddy celebrating the Superbowl.  Enjoy.

PS.  Fellow golden blogger K9 Harper Lee brought up a good point, The 49ers are from “The Golden State” so there is no question who we will be cheering for!

International Golden Retriever Day

Fellow golden retriever blogger Kristen from I <heart> golden retrievers wants help spreading the word that February 3rd has been declared International Golden Retriever Day.


Jack Maffei – Facebook.com/IamJackMaffei

Sounds like a great idea!  Perhaps there is a particular day that would be more appropriate for one reason or another.  Maybe this day exists somewhere else in the world, I don’t know.  What do you think?  Share if you agree.

Until then, February 3rd is Superbowl Sunday and the start of my week of holidays.  I will raise a glass to International Golden Retriever Day and bake Tucker some liver.