Golden Retrievers Rule Social Media in Canada – How Do Breeds In Other Countries Rank?

Interesting article from Klooff ranking different breeds and which are popular in what countries. The poodle reigns supreme in France, while in the U.S the French Bulldog is a superstar.  Africa and India both favor the German shepherd.  This is proof that Canadians have great taste, we chose the glorious golden retriever. Based on data from Klooff a popular pet photo sharing app, here are the breeds based on country:

Golden Retriever to Star in Popular Indian TV Series

A Golden Retriever is stealing the show in a popular Indian reality TV show.   Along the lines of Big Brother, Bigg Boss 7 is a television show  with the same type of format.  In previous seasons, Bigg Boss has had a parrot and a fish, but this is the first time a dog has been on India’s most popular reality show on Colors TV.

Heaven in Bigg Boss 7 - Times of India

Heaven in Bigg Boss 7 – Times of India

In an article in The Times of India, a source states:

“The dog will stay inside the house along with the celebrity housemates for as long as the team deems fit. The inmates will be required to take care of his meals. It’s a new element to make the show interesting.”

Click here to see a clip of Heaven inside the Bigg Boss 7 house.  Maybe Heaven will go on to win the whole thing!!  Good Luck!