Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever vs Raccoon

This fight features champion Teddy the golden retriever vs. Francis the baby raccoon. It is absolutely adorable.

Golden Video of the Week – Sleepy Golden Retriever Puppy

This is Baily trying to stay awake at the table.  This is sometimes how I feel on a night shift, or very early in the dayshift…

Golden Video of the Week – Cheerios Fail

I love this golden retriever’s reaction after the first Cheerio is thrown at him…(the second dog).  Tucker isn’t much of a catcher either…they are retrievers, after all!  lol

Golden Video of the Week – A Tribute To Daisy

This video was made in memory of Daisy, who has been a star in some of our favorite videos featuring ParkerPup.  Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge after a battle with cancer (lymphoma) on Aug 20, 2013.

Parker continues to fight for the cause raising funds and awareness.  R.I.P. Daisy girl.

Please help Parker win the fight.  Go to or visit his Facebook page.

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever and Duck Friends!

This is Ginger.  She has two unusual friends…

Golden Video of the Week – The Art of Fetch

Who wouldn’t love to watch 2 golden retrievers playing fetch on a sunny afternoon with a Chuckit launcher.  This video was found on Vimeo and is by Michael M.

Golden Video of the Week – Ray’s World

This video was made by Debbi McDonough of ( illusionfxslideshows )  It is a tribute to Ray Charles, the blind golden retriever.  It’s a long one, and you might need some kleenex.