A Gala of Golden Retrievers!

Adopt A Golden Atlanta held their annual Gala on Saturday April 19th to benefit abandoned golden retrievers in the Atlanta area. Golden retrievers were welcome, and dressed in fine attire.  This is Dexter.  (*Photos from Facebook page of Adopt A Golden Atlanta)


Cupcakes were on the menu


And these cute little guys made an appearance!


The decor was amazing.


They showed a video highlighting the 4 greatest rescue stories of the year that was sent to me by a reader. Grab the kleenex. The smiles on these dogs’ faces says it all.  Wonderful people, wonderful dogs.  Life isn’t all bad!

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Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Pops out of Snow Pile

Something cute is hiding under this big pile of snow!


Video from Petsami.

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever and Baby Chicks

Ok, here is 28 seconds of sheer bliss from photographer Candice Sedighan.  Her 11 year old golden retriever Champ is the star of many of her famous photographs.  Here you can see Champ laying in the grass with a bunch of chicks.

Photo:  Candice Sedighan Photography

Photo: Candice Sedighan Photography


This is guaranteed to make your day.  I have a feeling this is about to go viral.   Currently at 3, 923 views.

I just wish it was a little longer!  Okay, a lot longer.

Check out Candice and Champ on Facebook and Instagram. 



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Golden Video of the Week – Which Golden is Guilty?

Here are two brothers, Bentley and Bear.  One of them has peed in the house.  Can you tell which one ???

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever and a Baby Chick

Alef the golden retriever has made a new friend…a baby chick!