Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever with Boots On

Self explanatory.  I seriously laughed out loud.  Hard.

Just a Little Something


Just a little something for you from Guy and Rodd one of my favorite comics.  You can follow their Brevity Comic Strip on Facebook here.

Just A Little Something….

I may or may not have a strange sense of humor but I really get a chuckle out of these.  Too bad the picture wasn’t of a golden retriever puppy!  Long shift today, but here’s a little something I love….

Golden Video of the Week – The Icedogs Cometh…

I just love this video that went viral this week of a bunch of golden retrievers getting ice from a fridge ice maker.  There are 5 goldens in this video!

Golden Video of the Week – The Smiling Golden

All golden retrievers smile.  But this golden retriever takes things to a whole new level.  I need to teach Tucker to do this!

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retrievers Lounging in Pool

“Dont Worry, Be Happy”  These dogs are living the life, floating around in floaty chairs in the pool.  I wonder how they got on them?

Golden Video of the Week: Golden Retriever and Bunny

If you read the comments after this video, you will see a long argument about animal behavior.  Personally, I think this dog has great patience, and the bunny appears to be having a good time…