25 Golden Retrievers Celebrating the 4rth of July

Golden retrievers sure don’t mind getting dressed up or posing for the camera, especially when treats are involved.  I asked my Facebook and Instagram followers to submit photos of their goldens celebrating.  Thanks to everyone who sent in photos, I wish I could share them all.  Here are some of my favorites.

California Goldens from Nancy – Facebook


“Breezie” from Steve – Facebook


Quincy Phillips – Who turns 2 this 4rth of July – Happy Birthday!

"Jessie" from Martha - Facebook

“Jessie” from Martha – Facebook


Fletcher and Gracie – Facebook


“Digger” from Lisa CT – Facebook


“Bodhe” from Trish – Facebook


“Cupcake” from Anna, FL – Facebook


Sully, Murphy Brown and Carter from Johnann FL – Facebook


“The Sofa Dogs” – Facebook

Last but not least, Sugar!

Here’s an article from her website: 4rth of July Pet Safety Tips


And a super cute video just because…

God Bless America!


New Things Happening At The Daily Golden

If you are a regular blog follower on WordPress.com, this post is specifically for you. I’m currently at a loss because I have switched from WordPress.com to self-hosting at Bluehost and seem to have lost the “community feel” of my initial followers and friends. I’m talking Harper Lee, Grady, The Sundog Drift, DogDaz etc. Are these people still seeing my blog? Will they still continue to visit? These have been the most intimate blogging relationships I have had over the last two years.mallard

Do me a favor if you see this post fellow bloggers? Comment, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram message, or email me at thedailygolden@gmail.com – whatever you like to let me know you are still out there and I will make sure to specifically follow your blogs via email. I do not want to lose touch. This is difficult for me, but a decision best made sooner rather than later.

Please stick with me as I face these changes and keep up with all these goldens. They are all so wonderful and generally sweet.

Oh, and please feel free to visit my new page called “Stuff We Like” and recommend products I should add.   While you are there, buy something!.   Amazon is going to boot me if I don’t get any sales soon. (shameless plug).

WordPress followers, you are truly treasured.  Hope you get this.

Update: 10 Golden Retrievers “Mutt Muggin”

I first heard about mutt muggin’ from fellow blogger Dr. Jessica Vogelsang and her adorable Brody at Pawcurious. She posted a photo on her facebook page of her golden muggin’ and in the caption said “You all should try this, it’s surprisingly entertaining.”



It’s basically a picture of your dog inside of a mug. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a mutt either! Tucker and I gave it a shot…it was definitely entertaining!
Thanks to Beth for sharing this picture of Romy mutt muggin.

A perfect day for a Golden cup of coffee!!

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This is a #repost for #muttmugginTDG 😊

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I would love to see your best shot at “mutt muggin” with your golden.  Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, or email it to me at thedailygolden@gmail.com.

Internet Trend Watch – Mutt Muggin and Banana to Scale – Vetstreet

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Do You Have A Nickname For Your Golden Retriever?

I have several nicknames for Tucker.  “Little Guy” “Stinky old Guy”, “Sweet Face”, “Sir Poops Alot” ..the list goes on and on.  This is just a silly, fun post.  I am curious to know what you call you golden(s)  Please share in the comments or #goldenretrievernicknames on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  For even more fun, share a picture that captures the “nickname”

Thanks to @colleenconway of Instagram for allowing me to share this photo of her “schmoozle” the late “Summer”


Here she is again, she also gets the nickname “Summersault”


One more example, TT Cruiser, from @goldenceramics on Instagram.


And “Dexter Deuteronomy” the Nuclear Power Puppy from Delta BC @bbear604


Sorry I couldn’t resize these pictures with quality…Thanks in advance for participating!  I know you have a “pet name” for your dog!

Golden Retriever of the Month – Keisel!

The Daily Golden’s Golden Retriever of the Month is Keisel, from sunny Florida, who happens to be celebrating his first birthday today!  (all photos shared from Keisel’s Facebook Page with permission)  Stop by and tell him Happy Birthday!


As you can see, things got a little crazy at the party…


Keisel has some of the cutest puppy pictures!!!  Please forgive me for over sharing!puppy1cutestuffphone


Ok, that’s enough!

Keisel lives close to his mom, and his brother Keegan, and often visits them.  This is (left) brother Keegan, Keisel, Mishca, and mom Miley.  What a good looking family!


Keisel has already earned his CGC, and is no stranger to the show ring.  He is working towards his championship.showring

Two of Keisel’s favorite activities are chasing balls…


and swimming, especially with his brother Keegan. (Keisel is the one in front!)


This past weekend, Keisel got together with his mom and siblings to enjoy some beach time!  (left to right, Miley, Riley, Keisel and Keegan!)beachfamily

Keisel loves to snuggle everyone, and will fall asleep just about anywhere, even with a toy still in his mouth!

sleepingI have a hunch he may be a Steelers fan.


Follow Keisel on his Facebook Page to check out more adorable photos and videos of this handsome boy as he grows! He is destined for greatness! Happy Birthday Keisel!

Golden Retriever of the Month – “Riley”

Our golden retriever of the month for September, 2013 is Riley from Southern California.  He has is own Facebook page “The Adventures of Riley” that I very much enjoy.  Riley will be turning one year old on September 28th.

This sweet little guy’s favorite activity is to run and play with other dogs.  Riley’s human says “ Riley is the friendliest dog you’ll meet, but he won’t give you the time of day if you have a dog with you.  His only desire is to meet your dog, and then play with him.”

The Adventures of Riley - Facebook

The Adventures of Riley – Facebook

Riley likes his Chuckit toys, but couldn’t help himself when it came to the launcher…(Tucker’s looks the same way!)

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

His favorite toy is a stuffed giraffe.

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

He has his very own pool..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

and gets to shop at Three Dog Bakery!

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Riley has appointed himself neighborhood watch dog, and takes this job rather seriously..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Did I mention he makes the most adorable Christmas elf?

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Here’s a puppy photo of Riley at 5 weeks old..

Facebook - The Adventures of Riley

Facebook – The Adventures of Riley

Thanks Riley, for being our “Golden of the Month”

Stop by his Facebook page and wish him a happy birthday, and tell him The Daily Golden sent you!

If you know a golden retriever who would make a good “Golden of the Month” email thedailygolden@gmail.com

10 Random Facts about Ray Charles The Golden Retriever

Do you remeber that little golden retriever in footie pyjamas that went viral a few months back?  How could you forget internet sensation Ray Charles?  He is quite possibly the cutest dog on the planet.  Despite the fact that he is now no longer a small puppy, he continues to melt hearts on his Facebook page daily, and has over 88,000 followers.

Here’s some facts you may not know about Ray Charles:

1.  Ray has two big brothers Jack (left) and Harley (center)


2.  Ray Charles is an avid Bruins and Red Sox fan.


3.  Ray has captured hearts around the world, and now has merchandise available for you to purchase.  There are mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, water bottles and more!  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various charities.


4.  Ray will be making a celebrity appearance at the Salty Dog Parade to benefit the Friends of Marblehead Animal Shelter in Marblehead, MA on August 11  to pose for photos and give autographs.  If you are in the Boston area, stop by and say hello!

saltydog5.  Ray was featured in American Dog Magazine – Collector’s Edition

americandog6.  His favorite treat is a frozen bone stuffed with peanut butter.


7. RC has a vertical tail wag..

8.  He likes to sleep in his big brother’s doghouse.


9.  His big brother Harley doesn’t like thunder and hides in the bathtub…


10.  Here’s a segment of Ray on Rock Center on NBC:

Photos are property of Ray Charles The Golden Retriever and were posted with permission.