What Ever Happened to the “AshPoopie”

Dog Lovers, have you heard of this??  I remember when we were still in the planning stages of getting Tucker, and my boyfriend was deeply concerned with the amount of  “waste” we would have to deal with with a larger dog.  He came across this little invention called the “AshPoopie”  After we watched the video, we giggled a little, wondering if this was possible.

This invention by Paulee CleanTec was supposed to be released early this year, but I assume they have had some setbacks.  Here’s the cool part..they claim this little portable machine will suck up your dogs poop, mix with some chemicals, spin around a bit, and come out as ashes. (in case you hadn’t figured that out already by the title)

Is this product too good to be true?  Is it safe?  Is it happening?  I don’t know, but some days I wonder…and hope…