Golden Retriever In The Running To Be Next Colonel Sanders

KFC has recently been casting “The Colonel” in their commercials with some famous comedians like Norm MacDonald and Darrell Hammond.

Their most recent ad featured comedian Jim Gaffigan as the authentic Colenel, who sees a board full of photos.  Above it a sign that reads “The Next Colenel”. Faces included Gilbert Gottfried, Tori Spelling, Gary Busey and a golden retriever sporting a bow tie!


Here is the commercial…I don’t think the golden should be a contender, since he can’t eat chicken bones!

Golden Retriever and Biker share a moment in Allstate Commercial

Just wanted to share this commercial from Allstate, entitled “Riders keep riding”  Yet another great golden retriever commercial..


Heartwarming Chevrolet Commercials staring Golden Retrievers

Wanted to share these recent commercials from Chevrolet that I just discovered.  Update:  These were submissions to a contest for Chevrolet, and have not aired by Chevy, although they own the rights.
Grab the Kleenex.


A boy and his Dog

Golden Retrievers star in Subaru Commercials – Meet the Barkleys!

I saw the most adorable commercial this morning and it turns out that there is a whole series of them!! 5 that I was able to find.  The commercials feature a “family” of golden retrievers (and a sweet lab) called “The Barkleys”.


The dad is played by “Augie” from Canada (yay!)  Mom “Stevie” is a yellow lab rescue who only began her training about 6 months ago!  “Sadie” is 6 months old.  She plays the teenager, and this is her first gig too.   Finally, the sweet puppy is played by “Sebastion”, who apparently didn’t mind riding in the car seat at all!  Information on the Barkleys can be found on the Subaru Dogs site.

This is the one I saw on TV, and it happens to be my favorite…

This one is called “In the Dog House”


“Turn signal” – because even golden retrievers only have so much patience!

Road Trip!  Count me in!

Subaru has all kinds of commercials featuring dogs.  You can check them all out on their YouTube channel, even some cute “bloopers” but I couldn’t find any containing the goldens/lab.  Perhaps because they are pretty much perfect??!!!

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Golden Retriever Stars in Time Machine Video – Needs Your Votes!

Hogan is a golden retriever from Scottsdale Arizona who is featured in one of the Top 5 commercials vying for a chance to be viewed during the Superbowl. (as well as 1 million dollars!)  Doritos is holding a Crash The Superbowl VIII Contest and have narrowed the finalists down to 5.  The video was created by Ryan Thomas Anderson and also stars his adorable son Gavin.


Check out this video and vote HERE once a day until January 24 to see this adorable boy on screens all over the world.  You can also support his Twitter and Facebook pages.  Good luck Ryan, Gavin and Hogan!

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Puppies in a Wagon

Golden Retriever puppies in a wagon are a part of this Rube Goldberg machine.  I don’t promote this food, and I probably don’t promote the breeder of the puppies used to make this video, but this is what’s hot on the internet right now (and I was pressed for time) so here you go, ….

Golden Retriever lands gig in Old Spice Commercial

Greg Jennings, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers stars in this Old Spice commercial with a golden retriever playing “Roscoe” Oh, and the bald man…he plays Roscoe too.  Just watch!

UPDATE:  I have had a lot of Google searches as to who plays the golden retriever in this commercial.  My research tells me it was “Beans” from the TV Show Even Stevens, actor Steven Anthony Lawrence, but this can’t be confirmed.  Here is a picture, what do you think?

Steven Anthony Lawrence (aka “Beans” from Even Stevens)