Tucker’s Special Delivery – Custom Hand made Leather Collar – IQ Studio – Review

A gorgeous custom made collar arrived in the mail for Tucker today!  We were selected by IQ Studio to write an honest review of their leather collars hand made in Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Angie is a leather artisan and entrepreneur.   She owns 3 German shepherds, Pixie, Nala and Sawyer who are her inspiration. Each collar is designed in their studio with the utmost care.


Photo of Angie’s Studio – IQ Studio

I must say I was honored and anticipated the arrival of our special delivery.  Delivery was super fast and nothing beats the smell of real leather.  It’s a must have wardrobe piece for any dog, really…!

Here is Tucker modelling ….


The collars and leashes will last the life of your dog and then some…and the more worn the better I say!  Each collar comes with a Buy it for Life Guarantee.

The hardware is brass and the leather is soft and sturdy.

They come in some beautiful colors that happen to compliment gold quite nicely. Tucker chose atomic blue.


I was a bit concerned about the dye bleeding onto Tucker’s fur so I soaked the collar in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.  There was some blue dye in the water.  I mentioned this to Angie, who is going to discontinue sending out some of the dyed collars until she can fix this problem.  I am going to try soaking the collar again to see if water will run clear.

For the girls, or the brave boys, you can get a flower on your personalized collar.  I really wanted the flower, in pink, but Tucker would have none of this….  Have another idea in mind?  let Angie know…

“We are constantly seeking new techniques to create a unique, durable, and comfortable collar for your pet. Check out our shop where you can find various collar designs. However, if you have something special in mind, contact us. We would love to work with you in creating your custom one of a kind leather collar.”

– Angie, IQ Studio


Photo: IQ Studio

The online shopping experience was a pleasure, and the measuring chart is very simple and accurate.

The collars currently are on sale for $44 – $64 USD ($10 off)

For $50.00 you can also add a matching 1 inch 4 foot leash.   A custom designed leather collar and leash…how luxiourious!

Click HERE to check out IQ Studio and spoil your dog!

I am very happy with my IQ Studio collar and leash.  Thank you for considering The Daily Golden Angie!  Please email thedailygolden@gmail.com if you have a product for review.



Dog Collar that Alerts Owners to Overheating

I want to start by saying that I would never leave my dog in a car in the heat, even for a few minutes.  The only time Tucker comes for a ride with me is when I am running out to pick up food at a drive thru (He just loves car rides)

Here in Canada, a dog collar is being developed to help prevent dogs from dying from overheating.  The collar basically consists of a SIM card, heat sensor and a coded chip.  It sends a text message to your cell phone when the dogs’ temperature reaches 26 degrees Celcius (78.8 F)  This seems a little on the low side, considering a dogs normal body temperature is between 100 and 102 F.

Image-Toronto Humane Society

Aaron Starkman was headed on a camping trip near Penetangueshine, Ontario when he decided to quickly run into a store to purchase a camping stove.  He left his golden retriever “Hefty” in the car, figuring he would only be two minutes.  It was pouring rain on this particular day, so he didn’t figure it would get too hot inside the car.

It turns out there was a lineup inside the store, and by the time he reached his car,  about 20 minutes later, the sun was shining and Hefty was in poor shape.

Hefty is okay, but owner Starkman felt terrible and, along with his Ad Agency “Rethink”  came up with the idea to develop a collar that would alert owners via text message if their dog’s temperature reached a dangerous level.

“The Dog Caller” is still in the prototype stages but is expected to hit the shelves in 2013 at a cost of approx $20.  I will not be purchasing one!