A Golden Retriever Scratching Post for Cats?  Hmmm, they may be on to something!!

OK, so there is this golden retriever scratching post for cats from Studio Erik Stehmann from The Netherlands – ad set to music…if I were a cat….

Video From Kanaal van StudioErikStehmann

Golden Retriever Raising Funds for Oxygen Masks for Pets in San Diego

Right now there are some severe wildfires burning in San Diego, California and thousands of homes have been evacuated.  There have been some great stories of pets and other animals being rescued.



Enter Ricochet, the SURFice dog, who raises money and awareness for all kinds of causes.  Ricochet is raising money to provide pet oxygen masks to all San Diego County fire departments.  Each kit costs $75 and includes 3 sizes.  The area is in a severe drought, and wildfire season has just begun.

If you would like to donate, please go to Ricochet’s fundraising page.

Don’t forget to include your pet in your emergency and fire safety plans.

San Diego Wildfires Still Raging – Fire Safety Dogs Give Tips – Wendy Diamond – Animal Fair

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Golden Video of the Week – Dogs and Cats that had too much St. Paddy’s Day Cheer

Here are 9 dogs and cats that partied to hard on St. Patrick’s day, courtesy of Petsmi

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Golden Retriever kisses good for Toddlers

Did anyone have any doubt?  Really?  Science has proven that children with pet dogs suffer fewer coughs and ear infections and required fewer antibiotics.  One example is Lily Williams who owns two Golden Retrievers.  Little does she know, but these dogs are helping her fight infections.  New research published in the American Academy of Pediatrics this week revealed these findings.

Nine-month-old Lily Williams with the family’s golden retrievers. Picture: Ian Munro/The West Australian

According to the article in TheWest.com.au  children living in houses where dogs spent part of the day inside had the lowest risk of infectious symptoms and respiratory tract infections.  Lily’s parents report she is a healthy baby, with only one recent earache.