Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Tries to Befriend Cat

I just love seeing gentle dogs interacting with cats!  I’m not sure if he is afraid, or just a little reluctant, but he sure wants to play!!!

Evil Cat wont let Golden Retriever Down the Stairs

Bo-Sox the golden retriever is being taunted by Chevy the cat.  Enter the brave german shepherd Fenway to save the day.  Enjoy!

Golden Retriever Impounded for 4 months for Killing Cat

Lilydale, East Melbourne, Austrailia – Margaret Jensz’s golden retriever was impounded for four months when on January 11, 2013, two  two Yarra Ranges council officers showed up at her door and claimed her five-year-old female golden retriever Teesha of killing a nearby cat.

 Margaret Jensz with dogs Rumble (left) and Teesha. Picture: Mark Wilson. Source: News Limited

Margaret Jensz with dogs Rumble (left) and Teesha. Picture: Mark Wilson. Source: News Limited

Teesha was impounded for four months at the Coldstream Animal Aid while the case was being investigated.  I try not to comment with my own opinion on articles like this but I can boldly say that 4 months sounds insanely extreme to me.

The Herald Sun reports that on April 18, 2013, the case was dismissed as “there was no condemning evidence Teesha was responsible for killing the cat.”

“A golden retriever is not a dangerous dog,” Mrs Jensz said in the article.

Lilydale woman’s golden retriever impounded for four months after being accused of killing a cat – The Herald Sun

Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Wants her Bed

This is Buffy, and she wants her bed back!  What a gentle girl!  .

The Sad Dog Diary

Ze Frank has done it again. If you liked The Sad Cat Diary, you will like this too. I, personally, think the cat one is better. This one was a little too “graphic”  It does star a golden retriever though!

Click here to watch his latest masterpiece…

Golden Video of the Week – “Kitty Cuddles”

Introducing “Murkin” He loves cats. This golden retriever mix isn’t quite sure how to react to this very friendly cat…his facial expressions are priceless.

Murkin has his own YouTube channel.  Check it out here.

New Video Claims Scientific Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

I just couldn’t resist.  Buzzfeed recently released this video claiming that there is scientific proof that cats are better than dogs.  It is laced with just the right amount of sarcasm, and golden retrievers!  Enjoy!