Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Puppy vs Paper Bag

I recently discovered this video from one of my Facebook friends…It’s a throwback to Jan 2014.  These are Ginger’s successors, (from the famous video Breakfast at Gingers) brought to you by the amazing YouTube channel sawith65.



Here is big brother Buddy getting annoyed with his new sibling, who discovers a crumpled up paper bag.

Golden Retriever Rescued After Head Stuck In Cat House

Medford, NY – Yep, you read that right.  Friday morning, Suffolk County Police received a call after golden retriever Buddy got a little too curious for his own good and got his head stuck in a…cat house?  I wasn’t even aware these existed.

Photo:  Suffolk County PD

Photo: Suffolk County PD

Police freed Buddy with hammers and crow bars.  According to an article from CBSNewYork there was no comment from the cat.  Thanks to officers Stephen Lukas and Martin Gill, and Sgt Kit Gabrielsen.

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Superbowl Sunday with Golden Retrievers Ginger and Buddy

I know I have already posted Golden Video of the Week, but since its International Golden Retriever Day and Superbowl Sunday, I am going to post two!

Here is YouTube sensation Ginger, and Buddy celebrating the Superbowl.  Enjoy.

PS.  Fellow golden blogger K9 Harper Lee brought up a good point, The 49ers are from “The Golden State” so there is no question who we will be cheering for!

Air Bud Golden Retrievers Buddy and Bruttuss on The Today Show

Buddy and Bruttuss, who are the original Air Bud’s sons, appeared on The Today Show and caught passes from trainer Kevin DiCicco and The Today Show host Matt Lauer in honor of the Superbowl. Trainer and owner Kevin DiCicco describes them as “The Eli and Peyton Manning of the canine world”


Buddy (red) Bruttuss (Blue)

I can’t seem to embed the video but you can see the video here:

Buddy and Bruttuss on The Today Show

I think Bruttuss had a bit of stage freight.

Here’s an article from

Air Bud’s Golden Retriever Sons Play Football

Kevin has recently released a book about the story of Air Bud titled “Go Buddy!”  The Air Bud Story.  I can’t wait to read it and blog about it!