Does this Golden Retriever Doing A Trick Upset You?

I shared this video on the Facebook page a few hours ago and it appears this video makes some readers upset.

There was an angry face reaction almost immediately, and a bit of a war in the comments section.  I think most people just saw it for wat it was, simply a dog doing a trick.

Funny, because you don’t hear about it when a dog balances a treat or other object, but I suspect it’s the fact that it is beer in the glass.

This is River, and the video is being taken at Sycamore Brewing in North Carolina. River’s owner says he likes to balance all sorts of things on his head, from pizza to jenga pieces.

Can I just say..please find something serious to get upset over…..  This dog is having the time of his life.

Full article from The Daily Mail here.

Golden Video of the Week – “Beer Me”

This seems to be the latest viral Golden Retriever video.  Gotta love it!


Beer for Dogs….

Does your Golden Retriever like beer?  Due to the fact that my dog has a strange obsession for anything with booze in it…I think Tucker would like to try this…wonder if it tastes like real beer…Too bad they don’t have it in Canada (I guess)

What do you think of Bowser Beer?

Beer for Dogs – Custom labels available!