Golden Retriever of the Month – “Barney”

Introducing “Barney” our Golden Retriever of the Month for July 2013.  Barney is 8 years old enjoys basking in the sun at his home in New Zealand.


Barney was born in Wales and has done his share of travelling.  He even has his own passport!


Barney loves the ocean and swimming.  And sticks!  Little ones….


and big ones!
Barney can often be seen rolling on his back.
Barney enjoys playing in the sand, but doesn’t enjoy the bath afterwards!
Here’s what Barney’s human Samantha says about him:
His favorite food is garlic bread and cat biscuits and he loves giving me hugs when I come home from university. He never barks, apart from when he sees people getting hugs as he wants hugs too! He likes to play tug with his rope toys and fetch with balls. Whenever he sees me he grins and crinkles his nose and makes cute growly noises like a laugh! I love Barney more than anything.”
Here’s a photo of Barney being groomed in the sunshine on his favorite bench, along with his “human” Samantha.
Barney is recovering from an injury that left him unable to walk for a few months so he has been a little sad.  Hope you are feeling better soon Barney!!
You can see more of Barney on his new Facebook Page.  Stop by and send your well wishes, and tell him The Daily Golden sent you!