Golden Video of the Week – Golden Retriever Tries to Befriend Cat

I just love seeing gentle dogs interacting with cats!  I’m not sure if he is afraid, or just a little reluctant, but he sure wants to play!!!

Evil Cat wont let Golden Retriever Down the Stairs

Bo-Sox the golden retriever is being taunted by Chevy the cat.  Enter the brave german shepherd Fenway to save the day.  Enjoy!

Poll: Is your Golden Retriever afraid of Fireworks??

Canada Day and Fourth of July are approaching.  I recently learned that the busiest day in animal shelters in the U.S. is July the 5th.  Can anyone guess why?

I was just sitting out on my back deck enjoying this crazy heat with Tucker (who is not afraid of fireworks or thunder) and listening to the odd firecracker go off.  Its not even dusk.  Why does this always happen?  Can’t people wait until dark??

Instagram - @jakethebigreddog

Instagram – @jakethebigreddog

Shortly after, I heard someone roaming the neighborhood calling for their pet.  I can only imagine the crack of fireworks scared the pet and it took off.  Of all the dogs I have owned, the only two who weren’t afraid of fireworks and thunder were my two goldens.  My german shepherd was terrified of both, so were my malamutes.

Has anyone over managed to help a golden get over this fear?  Has anyone tried the Thundershirt?  Did it work?

Is your golden retriever afraid of fireworks?  Please vote and/or comment.

I will leave you with a cute video of a golden retriever listening to fireworks….