Golden Retriever Puppies Attract A Crowd At North Carolina Shelter

On February 7, a group of golden retriever puppies were found wandering, and subsequently picked up by the Cleveland County Animal Control.  On the day they were placed for adoption, (last Wednesday)  there were people waiting outside.  Perspective puppy buyers filled the reception area filling out adoption forms.  Due to a post on their Facebook page, all five dogs had been adopted within minutes of opening their doors.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at county shelter

One of the five golden retriever puppies stands ready to leave the shelter Wednesday morning. All five were adopted as soon as the shelter opened its doors Wednesday for adoptions.
Ben Earp/The Star

According to comments on the original article posted in the Shelby Star,  the dogs were listed as “labs” when found and the family searching for them came up empty.  Animal control slapped them with a hefty fine to claim the puppies so they ended up turning them over.

Retrievers attract widespread adoption interest at County shelter – The Shelby Star