A Gala of Golden Retrievers!

Adopt A Golden Atlanta held their annual Gala on Saturday April 19th to benefit abandoned golden retrievers in the Atlanta area. Golden retrievers were welcome, and dressed in fine attire.  This is Dexter.  (*Photos from Facebook page of Adopt A Golden Atlanta)


Cupcakes were on the menu


And these cute little guys made an appearance!


The decor was amazing.


They showed a video highlighting the 4 greatest rescue stories of the year that was sent to me by a reader. Grab the kleenex. The smiles on these dogs’ faces says it all.  Wonderful people, wonderful dogs.  Life isn’t all bad!

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Golden Video Of The Week – Bringing Home Dakota

This is a really cool video of Dakota, a golden retriever being adopted and his journey to his new home.

Rescued: Kanga, A Blind Golden Retriever

Kanga was found wandering in a field in Southern California with another golden, possibly his brother.  Kanga is blind and suffers from congenital defects in his front paws.  Eight months after being rescued by the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue, Kanga was adopted by a wonderful man named John who has another dog named Gracie that leads Kanga around.  Kanga has even learned the stairs, and has memorized the location of his water bowl, etc.


Kanga was featured on The Pet Collective’s segment “The Unadoptables”

Kanga seems very happy in his new home.  Another great rescue story!  Too bad he couldn’t have been adopted with the other stray golden, but this seems like a great match.

Adoptable Golden Retrievers – Rescue one today!

I vow to try my best to keep my Pinterest board up to date on Adoptable Golden Retrievers.    Hopefully the links will show if they are adopted anyways, but thank you for reading this post, and considering rescuing a golden retriever.  If you need assistance, please contact me at thedailygolden@gmail.com with the subject “rescue” and I will be sure to respond within 24 hours with local goldens in need of rescue.

This is Chris - 2 yrs old. He is an owner surrender to a local shelter -  he kept escaping the yard. He has not had much training and is a high energy boy. He gets along with other dogs, has not been cat or kid tested. Chris needs a forever home that will take him to obedience class, provide him with plenty of exercise and make him part of the family. He is at Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue CA.

Chris – 2 year old male – Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue CA. (click on picture for link)

Please click here to see my Pinterest board on adoptable golden retrievers.  You can also Google “golden retriever rescue ___________” your state, province, whatever.  Petfinder is another source, just use common sense and beware of those who want to “give away” their dog. (although sometimes, these can be the most urgent cases!)

Ideally, I would like to have a listing of all golden retriever rescue organizations…another thing I strive for.

If you are still reading this post, thank you!  Thank you for considering Golden Retriever Rescue!

I have said it before and I will say it again, although I strongly support the dedicated and responsible golden retriever breeders, I vow to only choose rescue from here on out.  I’ve been there, done that with the puppy (twice) and will continue to support the breed on a daily basis, but my heart strongly feels the need to reach out to one of these senior or special needs goldens.  Now to convince the boyfriend…

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Looking to Adopt a Golden Retriever?

Even though they haven’t confirmed they are a couple, sources are claiming that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have been looking at shelters in hopes to adopt a dog.  Ashton and Mila met about 14 years ago on “That 70’s Show”  Kutcher is now the star of Two and A Half Men.  Mila is a now a movie star, most famous for her role in Black Swan.

“They have their hearts set on a big dog – either a golden retriever or a labrador.” says the source.

I think these two make an adorable couple, and kudos for rescuing a dog in need, regardless of the breed.  Full story from Now Daily here.