Supermodel’s Golden Retriever dies on US Flight

Maggie Rizer is a supermodel who has appeared on the cover of Vouge, and worked for Louis Vuitton, Vercace and Gap, to name a few.  The 34 year old model has a blog about her life, including her three golden retrievers entitled Bea Makes Three  I just went and checked it out..and now I am following.  Such a beautiful blog!

On a recent flight from the East Coast to San Francisco on United Airlines, her 2 year old golden, Bea, did not survive the flight.  Bea was a special dog, destined for greatness.  Her life was cut short due to unexplained circumstances aboard that flight.  Here is a link to Rizer’s tragic story. United Airlines Killed Our Golden Retriever

The airline is claiming no responsibility for the death, and has handled the matter with cold, corporate wording.

United Airlines said in a statement to People:

“We understand that the loss of a beloved pet is difficult and express our condolences to Ms. Rizer and her family for their loss. After careful review, we found there were no mechanical operational issues with Bea’s flight and also determined she was in a temperature-controlled environment for her entire journey. We would like [to] finalize the review but are unable until we receive a copy of the necropsy.”

My own two cents…Romney’s dog survived a trip to Canada strapped on top of the family car, makes you wonder how a young healthy golden could meet her demise on a routine flight.