Product “Win”

I have a “Product Fail” category, so introducing my “Product Win” category.  I used a previous brand, but this one takes the cake.  It is the Chuckit Max Glow ball.

After holding the ball up to a pot light for about a minute, it glowed for at least half an hour.  We like to take Tucker for walks late at night sometimes, because of my shiftwork and all, and the fact that the local schoolyard is empty.  We have lost several balls etc because we can’t find them if he gets distracted. (“Squirrel!!”)   He had a good run tonight with his new Chuckit.  It was beautiful to see him running back to us with that big green glowing ball in his mouth.  You can also stuff the ball with treats. or hear a whistling sound when you throw it.  There is a handle you can also buy, which prevents you from bending over, getting slobber on your hands, and helps you throw the ball up to 3x further.  A must have for any golden retriever owner!!!!

Chuckit is rated very high on Amazon as well as The Golden Retriever Forum.