Product Fail – The “PooTrap”

I saw this on Facebook awhile back and thought it was a joke.  Anderson Cooper featured it on his show the other day, and I knew it was, in fact, for real.  In researching, I found an article from Tech Crunch from 2009, so this thing has been around awhile.  No wonder it hasn’t taken off.

The PooTrap comes in 8 sized and 3 colors and costs around 30 – 40 dollars.  It was invented by a company called  Wouldn’t you just rather pick up the dogs poop then spend half an hour strapping one of these ridiculous contraptions to your pet? Seriously..

Here’s the commercial (feel free to laugh accordingly)

Time for another poll, I love polls…

Would you use the “PooTrap” ?

Even though Tucker has never used one of these and never will, I am placing this immediately in the “Product Fail” category.

Nice try.

2 thoughts on “Product Fail – The “PooTrap”

  1. hahahahahahaha
    Ohhh lord!!! I mean, the things you gotta see.
    All the work to install to make your dog wear that. The only time it would be “nice” is when your dogs does liquid, that’s a mess you don’t clean.

  2. Oh my, that advert has me in stitches.. I can just imagine my two walking around with one of those attached to their rears.. 😀

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