Product “Fail” Sport Trainer endorsed by Cesar Millan

Tucker got a few new toys yesterday as he has outgrown his “puppy” toys.  One of the items we purchased was called a “Sport Trainer” from Cesar Millan’s product line.

As you can see, its a football shaped toy with a ribbon type handle attached.  Nowhere on the packaging does it suggest what type of “sport” you are supposed to play with this thing.  I also checked Cesar’s website, no sign of this toy.

Needless to say, the “handle” was gone within minutes.  Other reviews I have read also complain that this toy only lasted one day.  The football itself was still intact today, and Tucker carries it around like a teddy bear, but I fear it is only a matter of time before I am picking up the stuffing from all over the house.

Dear Cesar, please take some consideration in the products you put your name on…

Has anyone else made the mistake of purchasing one of these “dog toys”?  I can’t even imagine this thing holding up with a small dog.  If the handle isn’t for “tugging” what is it for??  Anyone?

Day Six…

5 thoughts on “Product “Fail” Sport Trainer endorsed by Cesar Millan

  1. Bentley would have had the stuffing out of that thing in 4.5 seconds. He chewed the heads off of all of his “babies” and it looks like a slaughterhouse in here. LOL It’s probably just a fetching toy since dogs don’t play sports… LOL, XOXO

  2. My golden, Addie, has a Cesar Milan toy somewhat like that with braided rope at the ends. Needless to say, the rope is unbraided and unraveled and the stuffing is missing from the center part in a matter of mere days (she didn’t like it at first). Her toy of choice is the large stick (actually, branch) she can find OR her Christmas Santa that has 14 squeakers in it. Christmas, Easter, middle of summer – doesn’t matter, that toy is always within inches of her. Inside? Outside? It goes everywhere…even to bed.

  3. I guess it just depends on the dog.. My 130 dog has had this toy forever now.. Only reason I stumbled upon this thread was because I couldn’t remember if it was floatable because we’re about to take it to play at the Ohio River.

    • My dog loves it as well! She and I play tug of war with it and it’s held up fantastically. I found this thread when searching for another one to buy for her to have at grandma’s house.

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