Product Fail – Portable dog bowl

I suppose I shouldn’t say it is a total fail, as this is the first portable dog bowl I have ever purchased, but I assumed for $7.99 that I would be getting a product that at least held water.  This bowl, The Outward Bound PORTaBOWL,  will serve the purpose of giving  Tucker a drink of water while we are on our trail walks, but it leaks almost immediately and wouldn’t hold water for any length of time.  I really wanted one of those collapsable ones that look like a frisbee, but I suppose they might leak too.  This will have to do for now.  I think a large ziploc freezer bag would have worked just as well….

2 thoughts on “Product Fail – Portable dog bowl

  1. My perfect solution for carrying water for my dog on a walk is the type that’s a bottle, where the bowl portion fits over the bottle and forms its’ lid (may not have explained that very well – should probably have just taken a picture!!).

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