Poll: Does Your Golden Retriever Like to Watch TV?

Watching "Friends"

Every now and then curiosity just gets the best of me and I want to know more about the behaviors of other golden retrievers.  I can honestly say I have never had a dog that really watched the tv, except for maybe a few seconds, perhaps when the contrasts were very strong, or a dog was barking on the tv. Tucker seems to like watching sports more than anything.  With the new technology in televisions, it is reported that dogs can see more movement and perhaps will engage more than with the older screens.

Here is a great article from The New York TimesShould Your Dog Be Watching TV?”  It discusses the only tv channel designed just for dogs.  DogTV displays images of bouncing tennis balls, dogs getting belly rubs, etc and is designed to keep your pet occupied while you are away, or just purely for entertainment.  I think it’s an amazing idea and I am going to look into it for Tucker.  It’s available online.

I recently posted a “Golden Video of the Week” of a golden retriever, Molly, watching “Air Buddies” on the television.  She seems to hold her attention to it for a long time.  Of course, she is watching a golden retriever, can you blame her?

If you have a video of your golden watching tv (and would be willing to share) please send it to me at thedailygolden@gmail.com.  I love getting feedback from my readers, and I love when people participate in my polls.  I check them often.

Speaking of polls…

8 thoughts on “Poll: Does Your Golden Retriever Like to Watch TV?

  1. Mylo watches TV all the time. He growls at animals he has never seen before, cartoon animals, bad guys, animals sounds without animals, knocking, doorbells, everything. It’s hilarious, but it leads to much pausing and shushing.

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  3. My boy golden, Jax, loves tv with dogs. So of course the Air Bud movies are popular.When we first brought our girl golden, Reagan, home at 8 weeks, we spend the day watching every movie of the series on Netfilx for puppy bonding time. We also had a family movie night watching Marmaduke when it first came out. Its so funny that they recognize animals, even on TV!

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