Police in Beijing are Hunting Golden Retrievers

Dogs over the size of 13.7″ tall  are being snatched from their owners in the China city of Beijing, even if they have the appropriate “licenses” for the dogs.  The rule has been in effect for several years, but it wasn’t being enforced until just recently.

Beijing authorities are now raiding peoples homes, sometimes in the middle of the night, and tearing these dogs out of their owners hands, almost certainly to be used for meat.

Those that can afford it are shipping their dogs to kennels in rural areas, while others less fortunate are hiding their dogs and hoping the neighbors don’t report them.

One woman explains she sets her alarm for 2am so she can take her labrador retriever for a washroom break on her balcony and hopefully not be noticed.

Apparently the authorities are so concerned about backlash that they are deleting negative critisism from the internet.  A woman was detained after declaring she witnessed police beat a golden retriever to death in front of it’s owner.  The statement was later retracted.  (I wonder why??)

In the NY Times article, the owner of a golden retriever named “Dou Dou” says:

I feel like we’re living in one of those war movies in which the Communists are searching for the Japanese and threatening to wipe them out,

Below is a link to a video of a man’s dog being confiscated after he claims he doesn’t have the dogs “papers” with him.


After having the dogs taken away, dog owners are issued an $800 fine and will never have the dog returned.

Beijing Police Seek “Large and Vicious Suspects (with wet noses) – NY Times

I located a petition on Change.org in protest of this.  Please take a moment to sign it.  I’m not exactly sure what good it would do, but it doesn’t hurt.

MiuLZIoItkwZybj-556x313-noPadPetition – Stop the Unjust and Inhumane crackdown on large dogs in Beijing – Change.org


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    • This is bad!!!!!!!!!
      The Koreans are even worst!! They even steal from the US citizens who are there with the Military. They said they really have to guard their pets at all times.

  1. Why do we have any kind of relationship with this country. I will not buy anything made in China! The only way we can make a difference is through our wallets!

  2. SIGNED THE PETITION – Unbelievable! Mess with my dogs and you mess with me!! They would have to climb over my dead body before they would get my dogs!

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