Platty’s Story – A Golden Retriever’s Last Days

I love blogging about human kindness and happy endings. Platty is a year 10 year old golden retriever who was dropped off at a shelter in Tulsa Oklahoma.  His condition looked terrible, and he was a sight for sore eyes.


His sweet personality and general good looks drew the attention of one of the volunteers, Allie Elmore, who has since made Platty’s life a joy. Platty’s fate may already be determined, but his last days are being lived out with so much love and happiness, thanks to some really wonderful people.

Platty and Elsie Elmore -

Platty and Elsie Elmore –

Platty has a huge tumor that has disfigured his face, and the biopsy has confirmed he has cancer that has spread to his lungs.  Platty was given a sentence of about two weeks.  His owner has raised funds to care for him, and has exceeded her goal.  She plans to donate the extra money to the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter in Platty’s name to help other dogs in need.

To donate to Platty’s fund go to Platty’s Journey

Go check out Platty living the high life on his Facebook page, which already has over 13,000 followers.  Great photos and video footage.

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6 thoughts on “Platty’s Story – A Golden Retriever’s Last Days

  1. My Luca had a cancer in his face, he was given 2 weeks to live but had 10 happy months! It is a good job that some people see past the diagnosis and
    love the whole dog. 🙂

  2. I hope this doesn’t seem insensitive or intrusive, but I’d like to share my story. I also have a 10 year old shelter dog who recently had two tumors removed. Biopsy revealed an aggressive cancer and my vet felt the best treatment course was to keep him comfortable for his remaining time. I began doing some research and found several references to the use of mushrooms that attributed to the arrest/cure for canine cancer. I went to the health food store and they printed some additional articles related to mushrooms. I purchased Host Defense Stamets 7 which has a combination of different mushrooms and Turkey Tail, a mushroom which is about to enter clinical trials for human use for its cancer-fighting properties . I give Tanner one capsule of each morning and night. While it may be too late for Platty, we have had no recurrence of any sarcoma for several months. My personal theory is…what can it hurt.

    I wish you, Platty and your amazing new family God Speed and a journey of love and acceptance all the rest of your days together.

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