Off The Leash – Cartoon for Dog Lovers


If you are a dog lover, you will appreciate these cartoons from Off The Leash. Creator Rupert Fawcett is also known for his cartoons Fred, Daddy and Mighty Pen.  Follow Off The Leash on Facebook here.

As these cartoons are copyrighted, they were posted with the artist’s permission.


And Off The Leash’s most popular cartoon of 2012…..


2 thoughts on “Off The Leash – Cartoon for Dog Lovers

  1. The last cartoon reminds me of one Sunday. I was taking a nap when my brother came home. He looked into my bedroom door (my door was open and the bedroom was immediately off the living room. I was surrounded by 2 dogs and 3 cats. He said it look like some forest goddess surrounded by her guardian animals. I was sorry he did not have a camera handy as I would loved to have seen it.

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