New Golden Retriever Puppy Cam!

Another new live web cam is available for your viewing pleasure on   This litter of 8 from golden retrievers (and therapy dogs) Captiva and Blip was born yesterday and will be completing the ECAD certification program and go on to assist injured war veterans.


Thanks again to for the amazing web cam!

[ustream id=14294647 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]

Live streaming video by Ustream

36 thoughts on “New Golden Retriever Puppy Cam!

  1. Very interesting to watch but I do hope the light is turned off at night time. I would think 24 hours of that intense light, warming light or not, would be a bit disruptive to their sleep patterns.

  2. Beautiful puppy’s and mom looks happy by stressed at times. When does mom drink or eat? Looking forward to them growing every day.

    • I read in the comments on the cam that it is because the puppies are raised in a family home and I suppose we don’t need to be “all up in their business.” I wish they would turn it on sometimes!

  3. Love watching this little family growing and changing every day. Makes want to get another golden. We just lost our beautiful Sam last year. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow! They got soooooo big. I really missed not seeing them for a week. Thank you for sharing them with us they are really fun to see how they grow into their different stages of their puppy life and training as service dogs.

  5. it looks like you’re starting ‘food’, but outside the box. i WISH i could see. (oh how i wish there were sound)

  6. It was just turned in a bad direction but is facing forward now. I feel bad for the puppies as there are so many flies in there. I LOVE this puppy cam! Thanks so much for having this on your blog.

  7. I’m so in love with the puppies! They’re getting so big, so fast … Again, thank you for having this up. It’s been quite the needed stress reliever at work 🙂

  8. could you please please please give us about a week’s warning before you stop the cam? i have to wean myself!

  9. so, what happens now for the pups? are they all ready to go to forever homes next week or do they get training to be service dogs? it’s been so awesome watching them grow! is the camera done? i’ll miss them, but thanks for having them on!

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