Neighbour shoots, kills family Golden Retriever

Joy and Rob Nixon of Ashland Ohio are dog lovers.  They had two.  On April 2nd, 2012, their neighbor Donald Emery, 36 yrs shot their 7 year old golden retriever Tanner two times with a pellet gun.  Tanner died from the injuries.  You can see the news story from WMFD with video, showing pictures of Tanner here.

Golden Retriever

not actual photo of Tanner

Emery is up for a misdemeanor for Animal Cruelty.   The sentence for Animal Cruelty in Ohio is presently a few months probation and a small fine of $728.

There is an Organization called The Nitro Foundation which is trying to make a charge of Animal Cruelty a Felony with a much stronger penalty, including a mandatory jail sentence.

Please like their Facebook page here.  Nitro Foundation HB70 Law in Ohio

Donald Emery’s next trial date is Monday September 10, 2012.  Here’s to Justice for Tanner.  Joy and Rob, hopefully you can fill the void of Tanner in your heart somehow.  Animal Cruelty should definitely be a felony offense.

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