Leon Panetta and Bravo in Esquire

America’s most powerful golden retriever is in the news again.  The United States Secretary of Defense credits his dog Bravo with keeping him grounded and reminding him “what life is really about”


Panetta was CIA director at the time of bin Laden operation in May 2011. In a recent interveiw for Esquire magazine, Panetta says:

“Bravo was in the room when we were talking about the bin Laden operation at the CIA. I remember going through that whole thing with him sitting by me. And the ability to put my hand on his head and feel his presence just kinda made me feel Okay, this is an important issue and it’s a big issue, but in many ways it’s about whether or not we are able to protect the quality of life that we enjoy, and having a dog there just makes you a little more aware of what life is really about.”