International Golden Retriever Day

Fellow golden retriever blogger Kristen from I <heart> golden retrievers wants help spreading the word that February 3rd has been declared International Golden Retriever Day.


Jack Maffei –

Sounds like a great idea!  Perhaps there is a particular day that would be more appropriate for one reason or another.  Maybe this day exists somewhere else in the world, I don’t know.  What do you think?  Share if you agree.

Until then, February 3rd is Superbowl Sunday and the start of my week of holidays.  I will raise a glass to International Golden Retriever Day and bake Tucker some liver.

11 thoughts on “International Golden Retriever Day

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  2. Tucker managed to get 2 whole cut up steaks on the counter last night while I turned to check the spice cabinet for two seconds. Hence, no dinner for him and a trip to the store for me…did I mention we got a crap load of snow!? I guess he celebrated early. And you are correct, every day is International Golden Retriever Day!!

    • Kristen? Hope you don’t mind me sharing…working on some photos for tomorrow. I see California has a Golden Retriever Day we should use #internationalgoldenretrieverday to continue to spread the word…worldwide!

  3. My youngest Golden is born on 2/3 so I am all for it!!!! He turned 8 years old on Feb 3rd 2014. We have his mother who is 10 and his father who will turn 15 this summer. We cannot have enough Goldens to love!!!

  4. Growing up we always had mutts that needed homes, wonderful, smart & sweet dogs that I dearly loved. When the husband suggested we go to look at a litter of golden retrievers in 1987 I hesitated. I knew little about the breed, and oh! the hair! But I went. And 3 goldens later, we still rescue our wonderful mutts, but in my mind, there is no finer breed than golden retrievers. They carry a special knowledge of sorts, perhaps their Scottish secrets they embrace about humans and how to wrap them around their furry golden paws. So for Bessy & Josey, Rosey, Jake, Harry & Fuzzle, just a few of the goldens I’ve been privileged to know, we forever salute and honor you on International Golden Retriever Day. Be kind to them for that’s all they know. Thank them for the magic they bring into our lives every single day.

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