Hair of the Dog – In the form of a Sweater?

I came across a post on about making sweaters and things out of your dogs hair.  As the owner of a golden retriever, I could outfit a whole orphanage in about a year.  This isn’t a hobby I will be taking up anytime soon, but I suppose its a great way to recycle…

Dog hair on my sweater…no wait a minute


If this is of interest to you, there is a book called “Knitting With Dog Hair” that can be purchased through Amazon.

Here is a video of author Kendall Crolius talking about her hobby:

5 thoughts on “Hair of the Dog – In the form of a Sweater?

  1. Great piece! – I had some Golden hari spun a few years ago and finally found a project I would like to do with it – I have a ton of hair that needs to be picked, washed and carded – but I can’t imagine carding it all by hand.

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