Golden Retrievers star in Subaru Commercials – Meet the Barkleys!

I saw the most adorable commercial this morning and it turns out that there is a whole series of them!! 5 that I was able to find.  The commercials feature a “family” of golden retrievers (and a sweet lab) called “The Barkleys”.


The dad is played by “Augie” from Canada (yay!)  Mom “Stevie” is a yellow lab rescue who only began her training about 6 months ago!  “Sadie” is 6 months old.  She plays the teenager, and this is her first gig too.   Finally, the sweet puppy is played by “Sebastion”, who apparently didn’t mind riding in the car seat at all!  Information on the Barkleys can be found on the Subaru Dogs site.

This is the one I saw on TV, and it happens to be my favorite…

This one is called “In the Dog House”


“Turn signal” – because even golden retrievers only have so much patience!

Road Trip!  Count me in!

Subaru has all kinds of commercials featuring dogs.  You can check them all out on their YouTube channel, even some cute “bloopers” but I couldn’t find any containing the goldens/lab.  Perhaps because they are pretty much perfect??!!!

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28 thoughts on “Golden Retrievers star in Subaru Commercials – Meet the Barkleys!

  1. Just watched all 5 of the Barkley’s Road trip is definitely the best. The other 4 wellll…humor less than usual Subaru dog commercials.

  2. I have only recently signed up for “The Daily Golden” and I am loving it. These Subaru ads with the Barkley’s are terrific. Love the one with the mail truck!

    I do not have Goldens living with me at present, but they will always be in my heart. I had three, two girls (bot 14 when they passed) and a boy who lived to be only 12, much too young. He was my best freind. He went everywhere with me. I had them all from the time they were + eight weeks old.

    My male, Demar, (Ch. Deremar Henry, CD, CDX, import) I picked him up in Montreal at Dorval Airport from England. He had spent 16 hours in his wooden crate. He could have had three eyes and five legs and it wouldn’t have mattered, one look at that face and I was in love. The little guy, well not so little, he weighed in at 15lbs at eight weeks, had his legs crossed and I pleaded to take him out of his kennel and take him for a pee as the vet had not yet arrived to inspect him and was stuck in traffic. They relented and in no word of a lie, he squatted for almost a full ten minutes while he relieved himself. I never had to house train him. He never had an accident in the house.

    I had picked out his sire, Camrose Cabus Christopher, lovingly known as Topher (he is still considered to be one of the all time greats) while visiting with Joan Tudor. Mrs. Tudor was one of the worlds most prominent Golden Retriever experts, probably still to this day. She had Camrose Kennels. Mrs. Tudor was an international judge, world renowned golden breeder, author/historian and all around golden retriever lover. Her goldens set the standard that those of us who love and appreciate the beauty of the golden both in looks and in personality go by. When I look at “Mr. Barkley” (Augie) I see my Demar. I just want to hug Sebastian, when he barks at the mail truck, it is so endearing. Sadie is adorable. Such amazing companions and friends.

    I better stop…this mailer could end up being a short story, but I will leave it at saying, thank you for the research and for posting that you do.

    I love receiving the posts.


    Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 14:23:28 +0000 To:

    • Jannie, thank you so much for your comments and your story! The mail one is my favorite too..did you notice Augie drooling? haha.

      Your goldens all lived to a good age. Do you think you will ever own another?

      • Hi there,
        Yikes, just noticed some typing errors in my rather lengthy mailer. That’s what you get when you are in a hurry, have a lot to say and are not the greatest typist in the world. So my apologies to the Type-O police, no disrespect intended..

        I would love to live with an other Golden. I loved my Goldens and miss them to this day. I cannot walk by one without stopping. I think most of us who have lived with or at present live with a Golden, can tell stories from early evening until the sun comes up.

        My Demar was a big boy, he was 24 5/8 at the withers and a solid 80 lbs of muscle most of his life. Show judges either loved him or ignored him. No in between. He had a gorgeous solid head, looked a lot like his sire, quite blonde (my favourite colour), a happy tail that never stopped wagging, but could not be shown by anyone else. Even though I was not a professional handler, I worked with some and they would offer to take him into the the ring and he would spend the whole time looking for me. So that was a no go.

        Again, thank you for your wonderful efforts to bring Golden stories to us.

        I know I appreciate it.
        From beautiful frozen downtown Ottawa!

  3. love them! my favorite is the white poodle walking by. 🙂 BTW, off topic, how did u get zemanta back? i noticed mine was gone starting this year i believe. no tags, no related articles, no images.

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  5. Washington’s commercials usually don’t catch my interest there boring these commercials are certainly very funny sweet thank you Subaru 07/05/14 ARLA

  6. I definitely don’t like the commercial where the dogs are drinking out of the gas station’s toilet. This sends a bad message to those individuals that think that this practice is safe and cute. Toilets harbour harmful bacteria such as ecoli which is dangerous to pets and owners. This section should be edited out of this commercial.

  7. Your dog commercials are absolutely hysterical! Especially the gas station one. Thanks for your wonderful humor!

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