Golden Retrievers in…Panty Hose!

People in China really like to dress up their dogs.  Social networking sites like Weibo are buzzing with photos of dogs in panty hose.  Several of the victims were golden retrievers, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

There were some pretty cruel comments on the original article I read on MSN Now, as to what should be done to the owners of these dogs. (not worth repeating!)

My two cents:  These dogs all appear to be very well cared for, and their owners are just having a little fun.  These dogs do not appear to be in the least bit of discomfort, except for their egos of course!!  Check out some of their facial expressions.

Strange?  Yes.  Cruel?  No, not if it is just for a fun photo.  What do you think?


pantyhose7pantyhose6 pantyhose5


5 thoughts on “Golden Retrievers in…Panty Hose!

  1. It’s silly but I don’t think any of the dogs were harmed, just inconvenienced by their nutty owners. This only thing they need punishment for is bad taste.

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