Golden Retrievers Gone For 2 Weeks – Returned Home

2 golden retrievers went missing in Sandwich, Massachusetts and were not seen for two weeks.  The dogs were tied together on a double leash when they escaped from their property.  Owner Penny Blackwell posted flyers as well as on Facebook.  The post on the missing dogs went viral, but she began to lose hope that she would ever see her dogs again as the days past.

Baxter and Baily Family Photo from Penny Blackwell/CBS Boston

While away on a business trip, Blackwell received a text from a friend that said she thought she had found one of her dogs.  Sure enough, it was Baxter.  Blackwell took Baxter to the area he was found and he lead her, pulling, straight to Bailey, who was still caught in some bushes with the leash.

It’s unknown how long the two were trapped together before Baxter broke free, but both dogs lost about 10 pounds each from the ordeal.

Full story with video from CBS Boston here.

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