Golden Retrievers – Fattest in the Land?


Cuteness (Photo credit: ohmil)

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention recently released results of a survey that indicates 55% of US dogs and cats are overweight.

Golden retrievers were at the top of the scale for dogs, at 62.7%, and German shepherds at the bottom, at 2%.

Moral of the story, if your dog is overweight, feed less and exercise more.  Consider your dogs’ diet options.  (The vet isn’t always your best resource for diet information)

Living Large:  Golden retrievers, Labradors Fattest In The Land – The Washington Times

6 thoughts on “Golden Retrievers – Fattest in the Land?

  1. thanks for the information. interesint how labs and goldens are at the top of the list. and german shephards at the bottom, be nice if the data showed why these breeds.

    • I have a lab. Part of it I believe is that if you read the labels of many bags of dog food the recommended amounts are (at least for labs) insane! One brand recommended I feed my labrador four cups of food a day! Even though she competes in obedience, rally and agility, she does need four cups of food a day. Several people have asked me how old my lab is, assuming she’s still young because she’s “small.” She isn’t small. She’s at a good weight for her build, but they are used to seeing heavy labs. Both my dogs get weighed weekly, with food amounts adjusted for exercise and training treats. So far that’s working well for us!

      • i hear yah, when lizzy was in training at ECADs, 3 cups a day, 1 and 1/2 in am and the same in the pm. was advised once we finished our 2 week training and get home, to reduce the food. yes, it is very easy for labs to put on weight when they are not as active during their service dog training. i try to run lizzy at least for a few minutes each morning. and lots of walks through out the day. i get the same reaction from others about how small lizzy is. thank g-d she is healthy and a good weight. thanks for sharing. much appreciated.

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