Golden Retrievers and counter-surfing….at my wits’ end

This morning I woke to my daughter Amanda asking “Mom, where are my contacts?” A terrible feeling welled up inside me as I jumped out of bed “NO!?” I knew. Amanda just got her first pair of contact lenses on Thursday. Today is Saturday. Sometime during the night, Tucker jumped up and grabbed the contact case right off her nightstand. I found the remains on the stairs, chewed up plastic.

This is not the first time this has happened. I am ashamed to say I left my full prescription bottle of thyroid medication on the kitchen counter. That night, I looked over to see Tucker chewing away at something quite eagerly, only to discover it was an empty pill bottle. Again, that feeling in my stomach. He was taken to the vet, given IV fluids, and observed by the vet overnight the next night. A very hard and expensive lesson, but thankfully he is okay.

There has also been my nephews glasses, my bank card, half of a pot roast (that one I can understand) and many other things I cant think of right now.

The thing that bothers me the most is he does it right in front of us. Sometimes I send him to his crate after strike two, but he just isn’t getting it! I don’t remember ever having it this bad with my other dogs. Does anyone have any advice? The leash thing doesn’t work…by the time I get to him, he is down.

Here’s a cute video of a golden retriever counter surfing a banana. I like to call it “Jack, what are you doing?”