Golden Retriever who served 4 tours of duty laid to rest

Galva, Illinois – Freddie, the 14 year old golden retriever who served four tours of duty oversees was laid to rest yesterday.

Ryan Anderson and Freddie

Ryan Anderson and Freddie

Freddie was a former show dog from England who served three tours of duty under the British Army before spending a year in Afghanistan with owner owner Ryan Anderson in 2009 with the U.S Army.

Dog who served four tours of duty laid to rest (Video) – WQAD News

Freddie was a bomb sniffing dog who often went ahead of the soldiers to lead the way through the mine-infested streets.  Freddie was one of the older K9 soldiers, but Anderson said you wouldn’t know it because he had so much drive.

There is currently no assistance for dogs released or retired from military service, financial or otherwise,  and it is up to the dog’s owner to pay for any treatment or healthcare.  Anderson says he is sure Freddie suffered from PTSD.

He had nightmares, like normal soldiers,” Anderson said.

Anderson tells WQAD in an interview

Many times in Afghanistan, it was just me and him, sleeping on a cot. Him keeping me warm. We slept in the same sleeping bag a lot of times. He’s always had my back, He’s my best friend, we toured together for 365 days,”

On Wednesday May 29, Ryan Anderson took Freddie to visit the vet one last time.  He had his back till the end.

It’s a day I’ve known that has always been coming for a while. He’s been getting worse and worse. We went to the vet last week and I couldn’t do it. But I’m going back to the vet today. He’s in a lot of pain. I’m going to have him cremated, and get him a veteran’s urn,”

Thank you Ryan Anderson and Freddie for your dedicated service.

17 thoughts on “Golden Retriever who served 4 tours of duty laid to rest

  1. Thank you to both of you for your service! And thank you for taking such good care of him until the end.

  2. That is such a heartbreaking but responsible decision to make, to end the suffering of a beloved pet. I have had to make that decision twice and it is never ever an easy one. Thanks to both of them for their service. And thanks for sharing this.

  3. Thank you and your dog for your service. You stood by him as he stood by you, and you rendered him a final honor by allowing him to go with dignity and love. He’ll be there for you when it’s your time.

  4. I knew I would cry watching that video. There comes a time, we have known that with two previous goldens. Such a wonderful dog and surrounded by love at the end. Thanks for this story. Joy

  5. Saw this in the news since we live in IL. Very touching, such a Golden Moment. Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  6. Thank you Ryan and FREDDIE for your service. I have had to put three of my friends and companions down and know it is very hard. We need to get military services for our K9 military service personnel. They face the same dangers as the Human military personnel. They face it First. I Salute you Freddie and Ryan. Vietnam 1967.

  7. you crossed the rainbow bridge. you talked the talk and walked the walk. rest in peace.

  8. I met Fredie on FOB Shank in 2010. I was with TF Brawler. He was a wonderful dog. He brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart when I saw him. I know he played a vital role in your mission, but as an avid dog lover, I couldnt help but be selfish and be thankful just to see him around, it’s an amazing morale booster to see an animal like him when you’re so far from home missing your four legged babies. Thank you for your service Fredie, and thank you for taking good care of him and giving him the love and support he needed through the end.

  9. What a heart warming report. A lot if people don’t realize how much our canine fiends are doing on the battle fields. Both of these wonderful soldiers should be appreciated.

  10. Thank You Ryan and Freddie for your service.Such a heart warming story. I had to put my Golden to sleep a little over a year ago, we had her for 13 wonderful years!! Hardest thing I ever had to do. Miss her and cry for her every day. May Freddie rest in peace. Take Care Ryan. Love & Prayers

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