Golden Retriever takes first place at DockDogs Contest

The Teva Mountain Games took place this weekend in Vail Colorado which included a DockDogs competion.  This consists of three events, Big Air (think long jumps for dogs where you land in water),  Extreme Vertical (high jump contest) and Speed Retrieve.  DockDogs hold competions worldwide and I am surprised that more Golden Retrievers aren’t in the upper ranks.

This weekend, Kathy Willis and her 3 year old Golden Retriever “Rowdy” placed first in the Speed Retrieve event.  Congratulations Kathy and Rowdy!  I would love to do an interview to learn more about this sport and to get our breed more involved.

In the Big Air event, some of the top scoring overall dogs include Belgian Malinois (top 3 world wide) mixed breeds, a whippet(really? lol), Dutch Shepherd, as well as several Labs, 2 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and a German Wirehaired Pointer. There is only one Golden Retriever on the overall top 20 list according to DockDogs standings, and that happens to be Kathy Willis and “Rowdy” (17th)

Here is some dogs in action in the Big Air event:

In the Speed Retrieve category, no Golden Retrievers are currently in the top 20.  Did Kathy and Rowdy manage to make it this weekend?  I currently don’t have the times of their latest victory, but maybe so!

Here’s Surfice Dog Ricochet competing in the Speed Retrieve

And finally for the Extreme Vertical Event.  Yet another category that currently has no Golden Retrievers in the Top 20.