Golden Retriever Survives Fall from Cliff

Sidmouth Devon (UK) – An 8 year old golden retriever was rescued after falling approx 250 ft down a cliff after chasing a rabbit.


Sam was out for a walk with family when he suddenly disappeared.  His owners were searching for him for about and hour, and he was eventually discovered halfway down the steep cliff.  Apparently some branches broke his fall, and he was not seriously injured.

The Fire Department and local rescue crews arrived a short time later and a rescuer was lowered down the cliff and lifted the dog to safety.  The whole ordeal took about 4 hours.

Sam’s owner Jonathan Minshull said Sam was just ready to go back to the campsite and cool off.

‘When he was pulled up over the cliff he was really happy to see us – he just wanted to get back to the campsite to cool down.’