Golden Retriever Suffers Superbowl Injuries

MINEAPOLIS, MI – Logan, a 9 year old golden retriever, had a very close call this past Superbowl Sunday.  Logan’s owner Jerry Hudy explained to Kare 11 News that some children at their Superbowl party left a plate of chicken wings unattended on a chair.  Later that night Logan began vomiting, and in the morning his abdomen was swollen and he was acting very lethargic.


The Hudy’s rushed Logan to their vet for x-rays.  He was referred to Blue Pearl Veterinary  Partners, who confirmed Logan was suffering from GDV – gastric dilatation volvulus, (aka twisted stomach, or “bloat”).  They removed a rock, the chicken bones, and even the remains of a football!


Logan’s Dr, Heather Hadley stressed that it is very important to treat this early, as it can often result in death.  She advises to contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice strange behavior in your pet.

Logan seemed to be doing just fine at his follow up appointment, and was on the road to a full recovery.

Full story with video:

Dog survives ill-advised Superbowl Buffet – Kare 11 News

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