Golden Retriever Store Mascot Stolen, Returned

Tora, the golden retriever, is a regular fixture at Bruce Yang’s 102 Street Market in the Parkrose neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  At 4:55 pm on Thursday, April 25, Tora wandered out of the store and was coaxed into a car with an unidentified couple.  There is surveillance video footage of the incident in a story from KATU News in the link below.

A change of heart?  Friendly dog taken from store is returned – (with video)


Mona Foster and Tora – KATU News

Yesterday, April 30, Tora was returned by an unidentified man.  Tora’s owner, Mona Foster,  is not interested in pressing charges and says in the interview “there are other companion dogs out there, other channels to go, than stealing someone’s dog, seriously”

According to an article from,  police used credit card info from the suspects, and think it may have been the suspect’s father who returned the dog.

Grocery store mascot returned to owner – KOIN News

Chalk it up to another happy ending!  Welcome back Tora!