Golden Retriever Rescued From Icy Pond And Coyotes!

On Sunday Feb 17th,  Peggy Bobrow was walking her golden retriever, King and her daughter’s golden retriever, Sadie at The Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, Illinois when they encountered a coyote and the dogs took off.  Peggy followed behind, only to discover Sadie in a hole in the ice in the middle of a pond.  Peggy called 911 and rescue workers met her at a parking lot 1/2 mile away.

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Peggy and Mandy Bobrow, Sadie and King (Glencoe News)

When they returned to the scene, there were 4 coyotes surrounding Sadie.  An officer at the scene said they were “waiting” for her, as in to eat for breakfast.

The coyotes scattered and one of the brave rescue workers went out on a ladder and brought Sadie to safety and she seems to be doing well at home by the fireplace.

Dog Rescued From Icy Pond, Coyotes at Glencoe Golf Course – Glencoe News

2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Rescued From Icy Pond And Coyotes!

  1. I would have got right into the pond and got the Girl out. I conceal carry when I am out hiking in the forested land just because of the coyotes and cougar who live around us. I have watched coyotes “pack up” to try and lure a dog away, scary. So glad they were able to get to the pup on time.

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