Golden Retriever (really) wants to be on Ellen

Okay, this blog is new, so please excuse the delay, as this occurred in February, but I felt it was worth sharing. (Original story from the LA Times.)

Madalyn Ruggiero is a freelance photographer and dog owner who dresses her golden retriever in various costumes and makes them into greeting cards.

In a desperate attempt to have her dog appear on Ellen,   she rented a billboard in Los Angeles, near the Ellen studios that read “Ellen, Denali the Dog Wants to Meet You”   She dressed the dog to look like Ellen.  Apparently, she originally wanted Denali to be in Elvis garb, but the billboard company suggested the Ellen stunt.   Madalyn paid $6000 to rent the billboard.

Photo from (artist’s rendering)

After only 5 days, Ellen staffers demanded the billboard be taken down.

Tim Fox, director of governmental affairs for CBS Outdoor stated “Our CBS Outdoor Attorney has advised that we take down the Denali The Dog bulletin ASAP due to the fact that the clothes the dog is wearing in the copy and the use of the name Ellen appears that they are trying to trade on the public image of Ellen DeGeneres.”

The billboard was replaced with a public service message for the Marine Corps.

Creative?  Yes.  Extreme?  I would say so.  I could think of a lot of ways to spend $6000.