Golden Retriever ran over (repeatedly) by Mail Carrier

Another sad story in the news.  In Kenton County Kentucky, a 3 year old Golden Retriever Nala was reportedly run over several times by a Postal Service employee.

photo: WXIX “Nala”

According to Nelson Hamm, his daughter’s dog Nala followed the mail carrier to his car and had her head near the wheels when the vehicle reversed, hitting Nala and getting stuck.  The driver gunned the engine several times, rocking the vehicle back and forth before driving over the dog and leaving the scene.

Nala made it to the door, but it was too late.  She didn’t survive.

The postal service is investigating the dog’s death, but the owners say the incident was no accident.  At the time of this story, the mail carrier remains on the job.

Since the tragedy, Postal Service supervisor Terry Estrada attended the residence to apologize on behalf of the postal service.  Because they are a unionized organization,  there are procedures they have to follow for disciplinary action.

Reading the comments on the news story, several people are blaming the owners for letting the dog run loose.  According to neighbor Jack Stewart, 9,  the golden retriever came up the street every day to romp around.

Regardless, if this story is true, that mail carrier is definitely in the wrong profession….

3 thoughts on “Golden Retriever ran over (repeatedly) by Mail Carrier

  1. At this time, the Post Office has, in fact, suspended that carrier, with pay, in accordance with standard procedures. The investigation is ongoing, and our own City Commissioner, Steve Frank, has been in touch with the Post Office about this case, and has communicated the public sentiment, that the responsible carrier, should not be delivering mail in Covington for a while.

    While some individuals made comments about how it’s the owner’s fault for letting the dog freely move about, off leash… you’ll find in our community, that most of the responses are critical of the driver in question, and not concerned in the least about the dog being unleashed.

    Personally, I know there are leash laws… and their intent is to ensure that people and animals alike aren’t needlessly hurt due to LACK of control.

    This said… I don’t know anyone personally, who believes that an unleashed dog or cat, is ‘fair game’ for abuse or for complete disregard of their safety. Dogs and cats do not need to be tethered at every moment of their existence in the public, for the owner to be responsibly caring for them. A dog such as this, is usually well known in the neighborhood, as surely as a child might be, and poses no threat to others, or to itself.

    The bottom line is… when we see a companion animal loose… they deserve as much care and due regard, as we might give a child out playing. Whether we pick up the phone to call their owner or animal control, should be based only on truly credible evidence that the animal is a direct threat or is behaving with intent to do harm.

    I would be willing to bet, if you asked others in our community, you’d find that most people would agree with that last paragraph.

    • “I don’t know anyone personally, who believes that an unleashed dog or cat, is ‘fair game’ for abuse or for complete disregard of their safety” Very well said! I am glad I have more facts and that thr driver was disciplined. My heart goes out to that family, and I agree with you 100 percent. You have to agree those were some pretty harsh comments on the news article! 🙂

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