Golden Retriever Puppy Gets Prosthetic Paw

Bristol, Virginia – Lily seems like a happy, healthy golden retriever puppy who doesn’t know she only has three paws. Due to a birth complication, Lily was born missing one of her front paws. According to her owner Heather Mullin, removing the limb would have been the easier and less expensive decision, and is more common.  Instead she chose to let Lily be, and on Wednesday she was fitted with a prosthetic paw.  Heather says it will ultimately be up to Lily whether she wears it or not.


Heather is an occupational therapist who chose this special girl as she felt she had a purpose. Lily gets to work alongside her owner each day helping to rehabilitate patients, some who have prosthetic limbs themselves.  Lily  will start her formal training at 6 months of age.

“I really wanted to get a pet that could work alongside me that could help my patients. She did seem like the perfect choice,” says Mullin.  Full story from WCYB News here.

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