Golden Retriever Puppy Cam Alert!

A litter of puppies was born at Spirit Golden Retrievers in Springboro, Ohio on May 26, 2013.  There were 11 puppies – six boys and five girls. Thanks to The Pet Collective, you can check them out on live stream anytime!


These puppies are all spoken for, but how exciting for their new humans to be able to watch them grow! Sometimes technology can be a good thing. Limited time only!  Puppies scheduled to leave “the nest” on or around July 17th.

8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Puppy Cam Alert!

  1. The pup with the Red Rick Rack is now extensively scratching his/her right side with the right leg. Please check the pup out.



  2. NOOOOO! They’re going home. 🙁 Great for them and their new families. But I’m going to miss them.

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