Golden Retriever of the Month – Shadow

Shadow likes to consider himself an “Ivy League Dog” as he hails from Princeton, NJ.  He now lives in the “Buffalo burbs” His name is inspired by the dog in the classic movie Homeward Bound.

This is where it all began…


From an early age, it was clear that Shadow was going to grow up to be wise and clever, just like “Shadow” (Homeward Bound reference)


Here’s an adorable puppy shot…with a great story behind it.  In the words of Shadow’s human mum ” The raincoat – that was during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Someone at the front desk of our building left a note that said “Please give to Shadow the puppy.” He wore it like a champ as we went outside no less than 10 times during the hurricane – from the 10th floor of our apt – so praying every time that the power wouldn’t go out on the elevator. It did help keep him dry – but the wind was blowing him up and down the sidewalk.”


Judging from the following photos, I would say this statement is most likely true….I want a sign like this.  (Craft idea!)


One of Shadow’s favorite pastimes is sunning himself on the Niagara River.


Shadow is no stranger to snow.


Shadow feels like his life has true purpose while chasing trains, another favorite pastime….look at that determination!


Shadow and his uncle Leo sometimes like to get into mischief.  This photo definitely says “busted” to me!


Sometimes they just like to lay at the top of the stairs (guilty!!! – no eye contact)


Shadow is a serial napper, and loves to sleep in.  This guy still knows how to work a camera in his sleep.


One of his favorite spots, top of the stairs. (just like my Tucker)


Shadow’s human-dad travels for work, being a sports reporter and all.  He never misses a moment to skype when dad is off on “the business stuff”


His owner says he “loves belly rubs, and has no shame in offering you his belly”


Shadow, handsome golden retriever, Twitter sensation.

I will leave you with a video of Shadow and his Uncle Leo.  “Leo does not like the phone”

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  1. With his Hurricane Sandy adventures Shadow definitely makes his namesake proud. That video of Leo also cracks me up. I’m not a fan of answering machines either.

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